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In 2018, I created a magical design and I decided to printed on a limited number pieces of scarves with a little family of craftsmen in the northeast of Italy.

I called them “Dree Salai”, an original and unique piece based on a traditional scarfmaking method.

Celebrated for their quality, colours and unique look, Dree Salai are still entirely handmade by that same family and continue to looking for material as natural possible and we now travel the world selling them, one scarf at a time.

In addition to our travelling Dealer, Dree Salai can be purchased by email and by web order at the Dree Salai online store.

More about the Artist :

Gigi Bersier

Based between Italy and Switzerland. I’m a dreamer and a concept maker with a great fascination for the unknown. The manipulations in my designs are (digital or hand) made, results of coincidence and experiments. Styling, concept, art direction and creation is mostely done by myself.

Keep your dream alive, never stop dreaming, and continue your dream as your life!


Our Foulards Collection are completely made of 10% cashmere and 90% modal, 200x146 cm. Each collection is a separate story, just like a chapter in a book.

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Our foulard Collection are made by different size and fabric as 100% silk, 30% silk 70% cotton. Each design represent an astrological sign. This collection are made for mix&match with Dree collection. Create for you and your little ones.

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GINA SALAI COLLECTION rugs features precious materials, innovative colour combinations and progressive designs. Casa DREE SALAI´s designs present a story coming from its art director Virginie Subilia´s inspiration, dreams and visions.

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